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Contract Manufacturer Of The Year 2015, 213 Supplier Of The Year

Our Quality

Food safety and quality are two areas that are the most important to the company since the beginning. As an FDA inspected contract manufacturer, we know that when either of these two characteristics are missing we are not performing to your desired standards. To show our commitment to quality and safety, our Elgin facility has been SQF Level 3 certified since 2011.

  • We use a HACCP based approach to develop our food safety and quality systems.
  • The plant’s food safety programs have been validated by a 3rd party to comply with GFSI standards.
  • The plant’s quality programs also have been validated by a 3rd party (SQF Level 3).
  • Our facility is monitored for pathogens and pathogen indicator organisms weekly to prevent food contamination.
  • We train our employees and operate our facility using current hygiene and Good Manufacturing Practices.
  • Our sanitation procedures have been validated procedurally and by visual inspection, ATP swabbing and allergen swabbing to ensure our equipment is clean and to ensure the removal of allergens during cleaning.
  • We can also offer organic, kosher, halal and other identity preserved food packaging.
  • Our onsite laboratory can perform a variety of tests, including sensory evaluation, particle size distribution, moisture, pH, vitamin C, density, as well as many others tests.
  • For food safety reasons, there is no microbiological lab testing onsite.
  • Proven Partners works with our Customers laboratories, along with nationally and locally accredited (and Customer approved) labs for product testing.
  • Foreign material exclusion programs are also in place and final detection can be performed by traditional metal detectors or x-ray.